InfiRay Outdoor Brings Its State-of-the-art Products to IWA 2023


InfiRay Outdoor Brings Its State-of-the-art Products to IWA 2023

InfiRay Outdoor Brings Its State-of-the-art Products to IWA 2023

2023-03-03 17:26:43

InfiRay showcased more than 30 popular products at IWA & OUTDOORCLASSICS 2023, the World's Leading Trade Fair for hunting, shooting sports, equipment for outdoor activities and security. We are very pleased to introduce our state-of-the-art products, including 3 new products in the 2023 lineup, ZH50V2, Tube SE and Thermal+ Dual. Our location at the IWA is located in Hall 1 Booth# 537, where we welcome all people to try our products, and exchange ideas and thrilling moments about hunting from 2nd to 5th, March.                                 


Our booth has a total of 5 exhibition areas for Thermal Handheld, Thermal & Digital NV Rifle Scope, Thermal+ Zone, New Products, Thermal Imaging Sensor and Premium Thermal, these are convenient for experiencers to find products that suit them.


Thermal Handheld Zone

Representative products of Thermal Imaging Monocular include EYE III Series and AFFO Series.

EYE III Series offering ultra-clear imaging and easy operation such as quick start design and a scroll wheel to perform most of the operations. The thermal imaging detector it is equipped with provides two resolutions of 384*288 and 640*512.

And Thermal Imaging Monocular AFFO Series is an entry-level thermal monocular for users, featuring both a fashionable appearance and a more compact size.



Thermal & Digital NV Rifle Scope Zone

The clip on-Mate Series, which has been widely praised by users due to its ultra-clear and precise picture quality and its versatility, will be available in this zone.

This area also showcases Hybrid Series, which offers the multifunction to hunt using either a thermal riflescope or clip-on.

Rico Series also brings extraordinary experience to visitors.

Rico Series-RS75 ushers in a whole new era of high-definition thermal with its most powerful thermal imaging detector with a resolution up to 1280*1024.

Rico Series-RH50Pro was built to be the most advanced dual field-of-view (FOV) thermal rifle scope available to the commercial market. InfiRay Outdoor’s dual FOV objective lens allows users to seamlessly switch between a wide one for detection and a narrow one for target identification.



Thermal+ Zone

The idea of Thermal + is to apply the integration of daytime optics and thermal imaging to the outdoor hunting field. With the combination of two technologies, during the daytime, users can spot camouflaged animals easily, while seeing the environment as it is and keeping all the functions of a thermal imager at night. The exhibition of Red-Dot Thermal Fusion Scope FAST FAL19/1×34D and Thermal+ Monocular Dual Series in this zone will allow visitors to experience this technology most directly.


New Products Zone

Three exciting new products, ZH50V2, Tube SE and Thermal+ Dual Series, were unveiled at InfiRay Outdoor Spring Launch Event 2023. Visitors can experience first-hand new products in theis zone. Please click on the link below for details of the new arrivals.


New Products:


Visitors to Thermal Imaging Sensor Zone will experience the strength of InfiRay 8μm and 12μm detectors.

And Premium Thermal Zone concentrates on the high-end models of all exhibited product lines. It is a opportunity to feel the leading technical level of InfiRay at one time.


InfiRay welcomes all friends to our booth to experience products and technologies with "hunt like never before", we look forward to the reunion of old friends and the first acquaintance with new friends in IWA.




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Dual Series DP19/6×24WRG


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