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infiray; la marca global enfocada en productos de imagen térmica de consumo.

thermal imaging rifle scope Rico Series
La serie Rico de dispositivos térmicos

La serie Rico es dispositivo térmico con ventaja de multifunción y extensible El producto tiene telémetro de láser variable, paquete de batería desmontable, ocular de ampliación de 14 veces y el software actualizado.

Thermal Imaging Attachment Clip CH50 Series
La serie Clip CH50 de dispositivos térmicos acoplables

El Clip de la serie CH50 es diseñado como dispositivo térmico acoplable para la mayoría de los visores de rifle tradicionales. NO se necesita REPOSICIÓN A CERO, ¡solo SUJETAR Y DISPARAR! El zoom de 2 veces y 4 veces de la imagen se admite en la serie CH50 sin afectar la precisión del objetivo cuando se monta en las ópticas diurnas. ¡Ahora amplie su equipo de caza junto con nuestra serie CH50!

thermal imaging rifle scope Tube (BOLT in the US) Series
La serie Tube de dispositivos térmicos

La serie Tube es un dispositivo térmico de primera clase.  Con la apariencia y funcionamiento similar a la de alcance diurno, conforma a los hábitos del usuario del alcance diurno. Es especialmente adecuada para cazadores profesionales que valoran el manejo de tradición y técnica.

handheld Thermal Imager Finder Series
Serie Finder de cámaras termográficas de medición de detección portátil

La serie Finder es ligera y fácil de llevar, especialmente adecuada para la operación con sola mano y para llevarse en un bolsillo en cualquier momento y lugar. El diseño compacto hace que Finder sea la mejor opción para la observación al aire libre.

handheld Thermal Imager Eye2 Series
Monoculares visores térmicos serie EyeII V1.0

Gracias a amplio ángulo de visión y el sistema operativo multifuncional, se mejora y le permite captar los momentos de su vida al aire libre, Big and Bigger.

handheld Thermal Imager Eye Series
Monoculares visores térmicos serie Eye V2.0

En combinación con el diseño compacto y fácil de operar hacen que la cámara termográfica monocular de la serie Eye sean una herramienta perfecta para detectar objetivos en la oscuridad plena.

Thermal Imaging Monocular
serie de cabina de alcance de imagen térmica

La serie de cabina es un monocular de imágenes térmicas pequeño, ligero y fácil de sostener y operar. La imagen clara, liberación rápida el paquete de baterías, la perilla de enfoque rápido, la luz LED incorporada y otras características lo hacen el más cómodo y fácil de usar ayudante para la observación al aire libre

Thermal Imaging Scope EyeⅡ Series V3.0
Monoculares Visores Térmicos Serie Eye II V3.0

El Eye II serie V3 es un monocular de imágenes térmicas potente, compacto y económico que adopta un sensor térmico de resolución de 12 μm 640 × 512 con Sensor NETD ≤25 mK (@25 °C, F#=1,0) y una pantalla OLED HD de alto contraste, con una mejora innovadora en la calidad de las imágenes térmicas y las características multifuncionales, que le brindan una gran superioridad técnica y experiencia en las imágenes térmicas. ¡Mejor sensor, imágenes más claras!

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It is mainly used for hunting, security, outdoor activities and other fields.More

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It is mainly used for hunting, security, outdoor activities and other fields.

Multifunctional Entry-level Thermal - InfiRay C2w & E3w
Multifunctional Entry-level Thermal - InfiRay C2w & E3w

If you are licensed hunters with using InfiRay's E3 Plus products experience once and want to renew it, or just thermal newcomer who are looking through this blog via clicking from social, don't look around, just gear up for InfiRay' s newest thermal imaging monocular—C2w & E3w! The newest series is counted into entry level range of InfiRay but still shining it's bright on multifunctional features. Built-in PIP and Wifi module, 5 color palettes and powerful storage and video recording, etc. These features provide users with more menu selections and operating functions, all-round to cover your needs and just blow you up! Thermal sensor advantages Taking great advantages of thermal sensor technology, 12um with 256x192 resolutions is embedded into C2W and 17um with 384×288 resolutions is into E3w, NETD≤ 40mK high sensor sensitivity feature combine with F1.0 fast aperture Ge-lens allow these two models create high quality thermal imaging which is decisive also imperative for hunters and thermal newcomers. Built-in Wifi module and Photo/Video record These compact constructed thermals provide users with photo and video function, specially preferred by users who enjoy take and record great videos or footages during their trip on the way, showing pics with their posts or with their greys he hunted or any moment highly deserved to be remained. Except that popular sharing will be easier for hunters as they can ultilize Wifi function of them, the built-in WiFi module allows 4 connections simultaneously. 16G great storage for workpieces The memory capacity of 16G is enough to support 40,000+ photos or 24 hours of continuous video recording to ensure the continuity of outdoor activities. You can record whatever you find, the only needed condition is your device is power on. Built-in PIP Function The PIP (Picture-in-Picture) Function improves accuracy by providing a 2x magnified image of the reticle area at the top of the display, with a maximum magnification of 8 times. When grasping the overall situation, it can accurately observe the details, increase the playability and highlight the professionalism. Sufficient Operation Time-C2W Richly benefited from great electrical components featuring lower power consume, it can ensure up to 12h sufficient battery life (under standby mode) which enable that users can operate as they want to when hunting or in outdoor. In addition, with the functional standby function users could turn off the display temporarily when not in use, and quickly start the thermal monocular when you need to use it, saving power for you whatever when and where. 50Hz High Frame Rate—E3w With frame rate 50 Hz could guarantee every moment you captured in your field of view. Smooth and clear image effects will brings you exceptional and ultimate outdoor and hunting experience.   In a conclusion, C2W or E3W is a multifunctional thermal monocular meanwhile cost-effective entry levels for thermal goers. User-friendly interface and design all...

The top-end scope of Saim series – SCH50 is released
The top-end scope of Saim series – SCH50 is released

As our friends know, Saim is the earliest series pure thermal imaging scope of InfiRay outdoor. TheSaim seriesproducts have good market feedback. As a totally upgraded and top end product in this series, the SCH50 has advantages in brand figure and brand recognition. The next age powerful thermal scope SCH50 adopts the 12μm detector with 640×512 resolution, objective lens of50mm focal length,1024×768 OLED display, and 48mm eye relief, more suitable for aiming. Functions such as the first time range notification function which enables users to set the prey height and effective range, the new added image brightness adjustment, image contrast adjustment. And there is great advantage in visual magnification -2.91×, detection range -2597m, etc.   As of the development and launch of the SCH50, the Saim series finally realized the infrared detector lens diameter 19mm, 35mm to 50mm, the detector chip pixel size 17um to 12um, the detector resolution 256x192, 384x288 to 640x512, Saim's full range of infrared scopes are reduced End-to-end product coverage, if you are a fan of Saim series and want to ungraded your device please do not miss SCH50.   In order to feedback and bring you more surprise in hunting, we make SCH50 to take you these benefits below especially.   High Cost-effectiveness The SCH50 continues high cost-effective positioning for Saim series, providing with beyond value experience with a 12um detector of 640×512 resolution. You can see top hardware configuration items on its key components, such as F50/1.1 lens and 1024×768 AMOLED display, which keeps the image quality and product stability excellent.   Excellent Image Quality On the basic of the state of art thermal sensor and powerful MatrixⅢimage algorithm, the F50/1.1 thermal lens bring you fabulous image quality. Especially the ultra-clear mode, more details can be revealed in extreme weather such as rain and fog. Practical and playable Functions The SCH50 is equipped with multiple functions to improve hunting professionality and playability. In order to make users easily know whether the prey enters the range, InfiRay makes target height setting and first-time shooting range notificationfor the first time in a thermal scope. The target height setting is within stadia-metric rangefinder which enables the device to be adaptable to the sizes of prey in different areas, while the first-time shooting range notification function enables users to set the prey height and effective range. The 48mm exit pupil distance is more suitable for aiming. Besides, SCH50 is built with memory of 16GB which can support to store video and pictures. The wifi hotspot of the product supports simultaneous connection of four devices. Recoil rated up to 6,000 joules for flawless performance on larger calibers up to .375H&H,12-gauge and 9.3x64.   By features and functions introduced above, believe that you have been attracted by the new Saim SCH50 thermal scope and can’t wait to se...

To meet infiRay Newest Rifle Scope TH35 - Round Display, Different View!
To meet infiRay Newest Rifle Scope TH35 - Round Display, Different View!

Tube series has been popular with hunters since its launch, its streamlined day scope appearance represents the most original and traditional respect from hunters for hunting, who are also seeking for the advance in technology too. To satisfy this, New Tube Series TH35 spread its technology wings and finally landing on bringing whole different viewing experience. Applying1.39' ROUND OLED screen which is very first time in the industry of thermal imaging. Your viewing filed will be expanded it will be easier for you to notice the target. Comfort come with ease too. Now if you are a tradition follower also seek for supreme technology, hoping that you can experience different view, you have no reason to miss TH35. 1.39' Round OLED Screen InfiRay has never stopped working in research and innovation. For every single detail, we want to provide users with leading quality products. The 1.39' round screen is the latest result, also first time in the market. What can round screen bring? Round screen offer you bigger field of view of 8.8°x8.8°. It also means you will feel less limit, the wild world in the thermal scope is much closer to you through round screen. Extensive viewing also makes your aiming more accurate since you got more to observe and consult while wilder vision brings more comfortable experience according to Principles of Ergonomics. With OLED screen, it can present high resolution excellent imaging with better layering.  Infinite Zooming Besides round screen, TH35 can achieve the magnification of 3.0-9.0 times, it can perform infinite zooming which means you can adjust the magnification to the times you like during3.0-9.0. Fit your need more by serving the details in a way you want it to. Different view Same Pursuit of Imaging Quality 12um Pixel Pitch While the others are still staying at 17 um in the thermal sensors, InfiRay is leading the market with 12um, which offers higher resolution and superior imaging. Featuring 12 um high sensitive sensor and Matrix 3 algorithm, TH35 delivers superb and crispy imaging with excellent performance and capacity.  Ultra clear Mode Ultra Clear Mode is a unique image processing mode for InfiRay to ensure that perfectly clear images are still presented in harsh environments. It' s the image protector also your problem solver while you are stopped in front the various weather situation. Besides all the efforts for different viewing and clear imaging put in TH35, The advantages of the former Tube series have also been continued and improved on TH35.   Full aluminium housing guarantees the reliability of TH35, the standard  30 mm diameter pipe allows TH35 to be installed on standard 30 mm scope rings with simple operation, high stability. The shock resistance of TH35 is up to 1000G, which equals 6000J energy and H&HMagnum& 12 gauge. If you are hunting for a long time, there is no need to worry about the life time. Build-in 2 18650 batteries can keep TH50 work for 8 hours, and with...

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